BLACKSBURG, Va. (WFXR)– Virginia Tech University is celebrating multiple Hokies crossing the stage, and getting their degree, for this year’s spring commencement.

Some parents may get to feel a sense of deja vu about their own college days, as the university is opening up its residence halls to allow families to stay if hotels are filled up.

University spokesperson, Mark Owczarski, said this has been going on for quite some time now.

As students check out, they try to clean and flip the rooms in time for guests to stay on campus for the graduation.

He added that many families use this option!

“I think families enjoy that because it is an opportunity to go down memory lane if your mom or dad went here or to experience or reminisce about the days where their Hokies were in a residence hall,” said Owczarski.

He added that it’s not going to look like hotels in the area, but it does create convenience and more memories to come.

Area hotels say they’ve been booked up for graduation for months.

One student says his family had to get a hotel in Roanoke.

“It was super hard, it would have cost them hundreds of dollars to be in town, and it was all booked up anyway,” said Jacob Umbaugh.

Another student says her family booked their hotel stay this past summer.

“They were able to through a program get early access to graduation rooms,” said Kelly Horvath.

While on-campus housing registration for commencement closed in April, if you are still looking for last-minute accommodations, you can learn more about lodging in the area here.