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WFXR Millennial Blogger Brooke Leonard (forgive us) writes about her trip to Charlottesville for the Miami vs UVA Monday night game.

Okay, okay, I know I’m supposed to be an unbiased journalist and all but here’s the thing- I’m not. UVA’s four game losing streak has filled me with more joy than a VT four game winning streak. We can control our own destiny but they can’t, so it’s great. 

I came down to John Paul John’s Arena this Monday night to do a little college basketball watching and boy was I pleased. However, as a Virginia Tech student and fan, spending time in Charlottesville isn’t necessarily ideal. To start the night off, I got lost wandering around trying to find the press box. People noticed and helped, which made me automatically go “I’m sorry I go to Virginia Tech!!!” Talk about foot in my mouth. The following are some responses I got, and yes, I got lost and found a lot.

“You’re in the wrong building.”
*silence, cold shoulder*
“Why are you here then?”
“Wrong game sweetheart.”

All of this should have been answered with a witty “Remember that time that ball got stuck…..” but I bit my tongue and smiled at the sheer generosity I was receiving.

When I finally got to where I was supposed to be, I noticed the crowd wasn’t as excited as most Hokie fans are. Granted, this game wasn’t a thriller, but you would think a cheer would erupt after every basket… hardly. I often found myself cheering FOR UVA (gasp) just to make up for the lack of noise in there. But you know if I had a big exam to study for after the game, I probably wouldn’t be excited about a mere 19 points in the first half. One of my favorite unoriginal cheers was “let’s go Hoos!” Which sounded a lot like the Cameron Crazie’s favorite chant “let’s go Duke!” Nice try, UVA.

The second half proved a little more exciting seeing as it went into overtime thanks to a late could have been buzzer beater by Miami. By FAR the most exciting part of the game next to when I got kicked off the court. Yeah, apparently cell phones aren’t enough camera equipment to qualify as a photographer. Little do they know that’s my job riiiiiight down 81… Anyways, when Miami won, I was a proud Hokie. I just kind of blocked out the fact Miami beats us literally every time we play. But hey a loss for UVA is a win for me and I’ll take it.
I’ll be back Charlottesville but it will be when VT beats you in football…. again 🙂

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