The ultimate connection: Ryan Willis and Damon Hazelton


Before Virginia Tech quarterback Ryan Willis and wide receiver Damon Hazelton ever met, they were roommates.

“We kind of got paired up by the coaches, I got a call one day, the coaches knew I was looking for a roommate, and coach Wiggins called me and said they had a new receiver coming in and they would like us to room together, so he gave me Damon’s number and I reached out to him and basically became roommates that way,” said Willis

“I’ve pretty much been living with him since I got here. He’s probably the first person I knew,” said Hazelton.

From creating bonds off the field, the two started creating bonds on the field as members of scout team.

Willis said, “9 out of 10 times on scout team I was throwing to Damon. The defensive backs didn’t really like us together.”

Damon agreed saying, “I would definitely say it was good for us, we created a lot of chemistry during the scout team periods.”

That chemistry coming to life in Ryan’s first start at quarterback against Duke.

“We were just jacked up, happy to get on the board, playing at Duke, we needed a score in that game, and who else but Damon would catch my first touchdown,” said Willis.

“I think it was definitely exciting for me because, obviously you couldn’t have planned it to happen that way but the way that it happened, it’s only right that it did happen that way. I feel like we just try to take it one play at a time and we know that any moment we can do great things on the field. It’s just a matter of what play is called. I feel as though I have a great relationship with him knowing that any play can be a touchdown,” Hazelton said.

With the Hokies season halfway to the finish line…

“Finish…we’re just get started,” said Hazelton.

“Yeah…what he said,” said Willis.

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