(WFXR) — Super Bowl Sunday has finally made its way to WFXR News and we want to see what you know on all things big game.

WFXR Sport’s David DeGuzman has been hard at work putting together trivia questions ranging from the flyover to the teams themselves. Answers are located at the bottom of this article.


1. We mentioned how State Farm Stadium is one of two NFL Stadiums in the country with a retractable field…which is the other venue with that feature?

A. U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis
B. Metlife Stadium in New Jersey
C. Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas
D. Sofi stadium in Inglewood, California

2. Tonight Rhianna becomes the first female solo headliner of the super bowl halftime show in six years. Who was the last female artist to solo headline the performance?

A. Lady Gaga
B. Beyonce
C. Katy Perry
D. Shakira

3. The Eagles are making their first Super Bowl appearance in five years, who did Philadelphia play in its last Super Bowl appearance?

A. Chiefs
B. Patriots.
C. Colts
D. Bengals

4. The NFL honors crowned the league’s latest most valuable player on Sunday night.
Who won the MVP award for the 2022 season?

A. Tom Brady
B. Jalen Hurts
C. Joe Burrow
D. Patrick Mahomes

5. Tonight’s Super Bowl will be the first to feature a fly-over piloted by all females.
In what year were women first allowed to enter flight school?

A. 1967
B. 1984
C. 1973
D. 1956

6. Cave Spring Graduate and UVA product Ronde Barber was named to the 2023 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class…Barber has one Super Bowl ring with the Buccaneers…
What team did Tampa defeat in that Super Bowl?

A. Patriots
B. Raiders
C. Broncos
D. Chargers

7. Tonight will be the first time two brothers will play each other in the Super Bowl…
But who won the big game that featured two brothers coaching against each other?

A. 49ers
B. Giants.
C. Ravens
D. Packers

8. In that same Super Bowl there was a 34-minute delay during the second half.
What was the reason for that suspension of play?

A. Power outage
B. Weather
C. Streakers
D. Wardrobe Malfunction

9. The greater Phoenix area will be hosting the Super Bowl for the fourth time.
Which city has hosted the big game the most?
A. New Orleans
B. Los Angeles
C. Tampa
D. Miami

10. Who sang the longest rendition of the national anthem at the Super Bowl?
A. Whitney Houston
B. Alicia Keys
C. Natalie Cole
D. Jennifer Hudson


  1. C. Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, which will host the Super Bowl in 2024
  2. A. Lady Gaga, who headlined the show in Houston in 2017
  3. B. Patriots, the Eagles winning that game in 2018 in Minneapolis
  4. D. Patrick Mahomes, It is the second time he’s won the award in his career and tonight he has the chance to be the seventh MVP to win a super bowl in the same year and the first since 1999.
  5. C. 1973 — Tonight’s flyover will commemorate 50 years since women were allowed to become U.S. Navy pilots.
  6. The correct answer is b. The Raiders, Tampa defeated the then-Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl 37, 20 years ago 48 to 21.
  7. C. Ravens, This was the battle of the Harbaugh…John Harbaugh beat his brother Jim and the 49ers in 2013.
  8. A. Power outage, Half the lights went out in the stadium caused by an equipment failure.
  9. D. Miami, who hosted the Super Bowl 11 times
  10. B. Alicia Keys, Who’s rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner at Super Bowl 47 clocked in at 156.4 seconds.