Following the Celtics’ 110–97 victory over the Heat that narrowed Boston’s Eastern Conference finals series deficit to 3-2, TNT’s Inside the NBA crew delivered its best version of late night television once again.

Charles Barkley, as usual, was the instigator, as he was given a sentence and asked to say it in a Boston accent.

“Saw Ernie at Fenway Park eating chowder on top of the monster,” was the sentence that Barkley was given.

Is Barkley a Bostonian? Of course not. Did he nail the accent? Of course not.

Here’s Barkley’s best imitation of the Boston accent as the TNT crew howled in laughter.

On the first attempt, Shaq was seen laughing hard at Chuck, while Ernie Johnson asked him to try the sentence again.

After butchering it once more, Kenny Smith chimed in.

“Yo why y’all you do this to this guy man? That was awful. I’m not even gonna lie,” Smith said.

Johnson then said “The only word you really had trouble with was my name!” as the rest of the set laughed.

The camera then panned to an actual Bostonian in the crowd repeating the sentence, before panning back to the set—where everyone still was laughing at Barkley.

“That sound just like me!” Barkley exclaimed.

The Inside the NBA crew once again proved why it has one of the best sports shows on television.