LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) – Liberty Flames head football coach Hugh Freeze is entering his 30th fall football camp, and there are many questions on how his team will look as the 2022-23 season approaches.

The main question needing to be addressed is who will be at the helm of the Flames offense, a seat previously held by now Tennessee Titans quarterback Malik Willis.

“We approach fall camp. Malik Willis in year one was the exact way. Year two we all knew he had earned the right to have that spot. I think we are back to that year one, like we had with Malik. Creating depth is invaluable,” says Liberty Flames head football coach Hugh Freeze.

Offensive lineman Cooper McCaw also weighed in on who should or could be behind center this season.

“If we go in with the same mentality that is the same guy back there no matter who it is, I think that we will be fine. But we are not trying to worry about who it is. We just need to protect them and do our jobs.”

Redshirt-Sophomore Demario Douglass says he isn’t too worried about who the quarterback is, as long as he’s able to build a repour on the field with whoever is behind center.

“With Malik, we had two years to get the timing together. I say with the new quarterbacks we have got to get the timing together. So when we get the timing together, it is going to be everything. I would say that is the biggest difference right now, we have got to get the timing together and then I can tell you the difference once we get it together.”

According to head coach Hugh Freeze the quarterback role for the Flames could potentially working itself out in the fall, but could continue throughout the season.