CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WJZY) — Baker Mayfield is headed to the Queen City and news spread fast through Uptown.

“I’m happy for Baker and I think he is going to perform well in Charlotte,” said Ryan Hammer, visiting Charlotte from Ohio.

“I don’t think the Panthers need that kind of poison in the locker room,” added another man in the French quarter of Uptown.

Mayfield was a trending topic on Twitter, and that had some fans cheering in front of Bank of America Stadium.

“I don’t know about playoffs,” said a man dressed as the Carolina reaper. “But I definitely feel like we’re a better team and we’re definitely going to have a better showing than we did the last couple of years.”

The Carolina Panthers was rumored to make the trade during the draft but waited. People saying that wait paid off with the team giving up a 2024 conditional fifth round pick and paying $5 million dollars in salary.

“It was literally a steal,” added Hammer. “They got extremely good value for him. So, cheers to the GM of the Panthers because it was a great move for him.”

Still, not everyone is convinced Baker Mayfield is the answer.

“You can’t throw to Robbie Anderson below 10 yards and you can’t wait for him to get past ten yards if your offensive line is as bad as ours has been,” said Jacob Etringer, referring to Sam Darnold.

“If the Browns didn’t want Baker Mayfield as a quarterback, that means there is something wrong with him in the locker room,” added another fan.

All say the payoff comes on the field, after a possible QB battle.

“I think they have two bigger pieces to move, rather than play,” said Etringer. “I think they should roll with the rookie.”

“Baker is a QB1 in this league,” added Hammer. “I think he is going to come out of the gate strong, week one versus the Browns, it’s redemption season for him already and it would be a great start to get the win for the Panthers.