HENRY COUNTY, Va (WFXR) — Sunday, April 16th, wrapped up race weekend at Martinsville Speedway with the NOCO 400.

For long-time NASCAR fans, Robin Hairfield and Joice Harmon, Martinsville is their home track. They say it’s the community that makes it such a special place to them.

“One thing about here, you don’t know them, but you know them,” said Hairfield.

“When you leave, you know them,” added Harmon.

Harmon says NASCAR and Martinsville Speedway hold a special place in her heart after her husband passed away just a few months ago.

“This was our thing, coming to the race, and he had already bought me tickets. When he was sick last year, he said ‘Take Robin, you’ll have such a good time.’ So, we kept up the tradition and came on back,” said Harmon.

Harmon shared what it means to be able to be here in his honor.

“He used to love to see the sights and sounds, the people coming, meeting people, talking for hours, that was his favorite thing,” said Harmon.

Donnie Penton and his NASCAR-loving family just moved to a new home and say they were thrilled to find out it was just an hour away from the Martinsville Speedway.

“It’s really like a family, as you can tell, they show, up very thick, bright, and I’ve never been to Martinsville but I can imagine it’s going to be an experience,” said Penton.

One competitor seemed to be on the minds of several fans for this race.

“Who’s gonna win it though?” said Penton.

“Chase Elliot,” his three sons replied.

“Alright, Chase Elliot to win,” said Penton.

However, for some fans, it may have caused a little bit of friendly competition.

Hairfield went on, “Anybody with Hendricks is fine with me, especially Chase Elliot. We’re the best of friends… but…”

“We agree to disagree,” Harmon replied.

As the checkered flag comes down on another weekend, fans are gearing up for the next race at Martinsville Speedway coming up in October.