ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Earlier this year, Virginia’s Blue Ridge announced the Roanoke Valley became the hub of operations and training ground for the next three years for the TWENTY24 women’s cycling team.

TWENTY24 is one of the top women’s teams in the United States. Since they started in 2005, the team has won numerous Olympic medals, as well as national and world records.

The TWENTY24 cycling team is made up of a divers group of women with different backgrounds.

Teenager Maize Wimbush became the first African-American junior female to win a national road championship title. She feels TWENTY24 can get her to her goal of racing in the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympics.

“In the 2018 Road Nationals, I was admiring how TWENTY20 at the time was racing and they just seemed very perfect. They were communicating, the way that they were racing, it just seemed very perfect. So I was telling my parents, ‘I want to be on that team.’ It seemed like they were all connecting great,” said Wimbush.

Amanda Coker has been a member of the of the team since 2018. She feels the team moving their training to the Roanoke Valley will be a win win for the team.

“I was excited because then I can drive here all the way to Florida rather than fly. I can come visit anytime to train in the beautiful mountains of Virginia Blue Ridge,” said Coker.

With the move to training in the area, it gives motivation the team to have one specific end goal.

“Just try to win, or if not win, I want to become the best version of me, so as long as I did the best in the race that I could do, then that’s all that matters,” said Wimbush.

Here’s another tidbit about the team. The team changes their name every four-year cycle to represent the Summer Olympic year.

Meanwhile, Botetourt County issued the following traffic alert so drivers know where they’ll have to share the road during the TWENTY24 junior training camp this week:

Through April 16th, the Virginia Department of Transportation will be placing message boards along Route 11 (Lee Highway) between Nace Road and Lithia Road in Botetourt County to alert traffic of an increase in cyclists on the roadway for the first VBR Twenty24 Pro Cycling junior training camp being held at Camp Bethel. The cyclists will use northbound and southbound of Route 11 (Lee Highway). In addition to Route 11 (Lee Highway), cyclists will also be using Springwood Road, Lithia Road, Nace Road, Route 43, Mountain Pass Road and various other roads in Fincastle. Drivers should use caution, stay alert and prepare to share the road.

Facebook post by Botetourt County on April 13, 2022