SALEM, Va. (WFXR) — As minor league baseball returns to Haley Toyota Field, the Red Sox teamed up with Virginia Tech in the broadcast booth for the team’s home games.

“Being at this level is anything I could’ve asked for,” play-by-play announcer Kevin DiDomnico said. “With high level baseball, I think I’m going to be able to see, as are the fans, they’re going to be able to see some great baseball.”

DiDomenico knows his broadcasting career is still at its infancy. The Northern Virginia native just finished up his junior year at Virginia Tech.

“I will tell you this. The prep for this season overtook my finals a little bit,” DiDomenico said.

But he’s not shying away from the responsibility that comes with being the play-by-play voice of the Salem Red Sox.

“There are some nerves, there are some nerves,” DiDomenico said. “I think it’s a lot of excitement. I think I’m so excited. I think I’ve done so much prep on these guys and on this team. I think it’s more excitement than anything.”

DiDomenico has already built quite the resume. In 2019, he called the away games for the Pulaski Yankees.

“My first game on the road with Pulaski, we were in Johnson City and it hadn’t really hit me,” DiDomenico said. “I was on the road, set up in my booth and people started flowing in and I realized this is professional baseball so the weight came on my shoulders, like I got a little nervous.”

Since then, he’s had a front row seat to Radford men’s basketball and added his voice to ACC Network broadcasts at Virginia Tech, including one series that caught the attention of Salem general manager Allen Lawrence.

“I was doing some ACC Network games, the UNC series against Virginia Tech,” DiDomenico said. “So I sent those over to him and I told him I was doing those games. I don’t know if he checked them out or not but hopefully so. We talked for two months.”

Now DiDomenico’s voice is part of the soundtrack of the summer in Salem. And a product of a growing hot bed of talent coming out of Virginia Tech’s sports media analytics program.

“I know the opportunities have been awesome and I know other students are starting to get involved more and we’re so versatile now,” DiDomenico said. “We have guys doing graphics, we have guys doing podcasts, guys doing broadcasts and we have a great array of writers so it’s grown so so much.”

And while he might be the first to come out of Salem’s partnership with Virginia Tech, DiDomenico hopes he’s not the last.

“And I think this is just another step if we can get more VTSMA guys coming up in the future years, that would be, that’s ideal and I know we got a lot of good talent coming up through the years so hopefully that can be the case.”