BLACKSBURG, Va. (WFXR) – Times have been hard for the Blacksburg High School football team, but they’re looking to turn things around. Recently the wins have been few and far between for Blacksburg. The Bruins are on a 17 game losing streak. The Bruins last win was back in 2019 over Hidden Valley at Bogle. With the results going against Blacksburg, the team never gives up.

“I think the biggest takeaway from last year was probably that we’ll not give up. It was hard not to wake up everyday and going back to work. It was kind of difficult environment. But we kept on fighting and pushing through. At the end of the day we are still standing,” says senior defensive tackle Braden Demasi.

Looking to help turn around the fortunes of the Bruins is first year head coach Zack Leonard. Leonard was an assistant coach at Christiansburg and helped turn that program around, and he’s looking to do the same in Blacksburg.

“It has been very exciting. I feel very lucky to be where I am at. If you would have asked me if my first head coaching job would be at a place like Blacksburg. I would not have believed it. I have to pinch myself sometimes,” says Leonard.

For junior quarterback Luke Poff the team has already bought into Leonard’s system.

“He is great. He has great energy. He makes us work hard. he is just great.”

Although Coach Leonard isn’t new to coaching the game of football, he’s all about building his program up the right way.

“I have a saying I like to use. We would like to go slow at first, so we can go fast later. We are taking our time, kind of to set the expectations. We’re building habits and everyday we get a little bit better and we get a little faster as we go. I know what it takes to build a program and in my opinion it is investing in your people. So developing our coaches and building great habits for our players and watch them develop over time we are in a really good situation to do that.”

Blacksburg opens up the season at home Friday August 26th against Giles.