DANVILLE, Va. (WFXR) — The Danville Otterbots is all about family. Just ask their manager.

Desi Relaford is back for a second season as manager of the Otterbots. And the summer provides another opportunity for him to grow closer with his son, Jevin.

“That’s special. Not a lot of guys have the opportunity to coach their sons at higher levels of baseball,” Desi Relaford said. “And I feel real fortunate to be there and just kind of help from a coaching perspective. Not from a dad perspective but from a coaching perspective. But to be able to be hands on, it means a lot to both of us.”

Jevin, an infielder for the Otterbots, just finished his freshman season at Sante Fe College in Gainesville, Florida.

“He means a lot he’s taught me the game from birth, my whole life he’s been there helping me out. He’s just done a lot for me, and I couldn’t be more thankful for him,” Jevin Relaford said.

For the Relafords, baseball has always been a family affair. And as one teaches, the other continues to excel on the field for the Otterbots.

“Honestly, I’ve learned a lot more in these past couple of years coming here with my dad this summer and last summer,” Jevin said. “This summer just started but I’ve already picked up a lot more just all around the game. Just how to play it and how you can use different things and strategies into baseball, and I’ve picked up a lot from him.”

And as the season progresses, the time they’ve spent on the diamond continues to be more rewarding.

“To be able to spend some quality time with your son over the course of the summer is a fun thing especially doing something that we both love to do,” Desi said. “He’s inspiring and wants to play professionally and I’m going to give him everything that I can give him and it’s up to him to take it all in and put it to use and put in the work.”

And Jevin isn’t taking the time he’s spending with his dad for granted.

“If I can share a dugout with him that’s fire,” Jevin said. “I would love to do it more and if I could, I’d play with him my whole life it’s been nice.”