SALEM, Va. (WFXR) — The Boston Red Sox are always looking for ways to make their players better on and off the field especially with their minor league affiliates. Salem Red Sox general manager Allen Lawrence says the technology installed at Salem Memorial Ballpark is helping the players take their game to the next level.

“We just recently had 24 cameras installed around the ballpark fans will see them come out here. But it was done in about two weeks it’s by a company called KinaTrax and it’s really a state of the art program that collects data on both the pitcher and the batter to help measure performance and can potentially avoid that player getting injured down the road,” said Lawrence.

Originally installed by the Boston Red Sox – Kinatrax’s Algorithim can evaluate a players performance in near real time – the markerless motion capture technology data allows for athletes to adjust their mechanics so that the red sox can get the best results out of the player on the field.

“Technology has just changed sports in general and even more specifically baseball and so to have that knowledge and to have the ability to look ahead and see what a player might be doing incorrectly in terms of the form to avoid injury down the road I think speaks volumes to where the game is going and the fact that it’s in our facility here in Salem I think it just speaks to how important these players on the field are to the success of the Boston Red Sox somewhere down the road,” said Lawrence.

For Lawrence player development is the top priority. “You know the analytics in the game of baseball has really changed the sport over the last 10-15 years and this was system that was in stalled by the Boston Red Sox player development and keeping players healthy is obviously something that is very important to them so we’re lucky to have it here in Salem,” said Lawrence. Lawrence said the technology has continued to help many of the players especially those who have currently moved up through Red Sox minor league system – that may one day get the opportunity to play in the big show at Fenway Park