CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WFXR) — Name, Image, and Likeness deals have been big news recently when it comes to college student-athletes. Now, it is trickling down even to the high school level. During an executive session on May 3, the Virginia High School League set up a policy on NIL for their member schools’ student-athletes.

VHSL executive director Dr. Billy Haun says the VHSL is there for guidance and to keep students from losing their eligibility.

Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) VHSL Policy:
Students may receive compensation for the commercialization of their own name, image and likeness (NIL).
Common NIL activities include, but are not limited to commercials, product endorsements, personal appearances, autograph sessions, merchandise or apparel sales, group licensing, and acting as a social media influencer.
Schools and teams may not use NIL opportunities to incentivize a student’s enrollment at a school or membership on a team.
A student may not receive compensation, endorsements or gifts of monetary value for Intellectual Property of the VHSL or any member school. Intellectual Property includes, but is not limited to, a school’s district’s, region’s and VHSL name, uniform, mascot, and logo.
(a) This provision is not intended to restrict the right of any student and their family to engage in NIL activities for financial gain, except as prohibited by this guidance.
(b) Student-athletes are prohibited from engaging in the following while participating in NIL activities.

  • Making any reference to a school team, school, district, region or VHSL.
  • Appearing in the uniform of the student’s school. Students may not utilize the marks, logos, etc. of their school team or any school’s team during NIL activities.
  • Endorsing or promoting goods or service of any third-party NIL partner during school-based team activities and events, including but not limited to wearing third-party apparel, displaying a third-party logo or brand, and displaying insignia or identifying mark unless it is part of the standard school uniform for that sport.

(c) Students may not engage in any NIL activities involving, displaying or endorsing the following categories of products and services:

  • Adult entertainment products and services
  • Alcohol products
  • Tobacco and electronic smoking products and devices
  • Opioids and prescription pharmaceuticals
  • Controlled dangerous substances
  • Casinos and gambling, including sports betting
  • Weapons, firearms and ammunition

(d) No school or anyone employed by or affiliated with a member school, including booster clubs, coaches, administrators, alumni, or a NIL Collective*, may solicit, arrange, or negotiate compensation for a student’s NIL, other than their own child.

*NIL Collective: A group of alumni, supporters parents, or other people who form a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, non-profit organization foundation, or other entity to provide NIL opportunities to student-athletes of a specific school.
Students must notify the Principal or Athletic Director in writing of the student’s school upon entering into any type of NIL contract within 72 hours of entering into the contract.