CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WFXR) — Christiansburg football is currently undefeated at 3-0. And in the Blue Demons’ last game, Tanner Evans threw for three touchdowns and ran for another in a 41-0 victory over William Byrd.

But the thing is — Evans isn’t even a quarterback. He was serving as a back-up against the Terriers. In fact, football isn’t even his primary sport.

“He’s probably one of the most diverse athletes I’ve ever been around in terms of sports and football field in particularly,” Evans said. “He literally gets thrown around a lot.”

Versatile is one way you can describe Evans. How else can you explain how he stepped in for an injured quarterback in Week 3 of the season.

“It’s kind of cliché that he can do it all. He’s one of those kids that can legitimately can,” Wilkens said. “He can block very well. He’s our strongest kid on our football team. He’s quick. He’s extremely intelligent and I think that’s what allows him to be diverse is he can take a game plan by day 1 and start learning other people’s responsibilities.”

But running back is Evans’ sweet spot on the field.

“I knew I always wanted to be a running back when I was little because my dad always pushed it and always wanted me to hit people,” the junior quarterback/running back said.

His parents play a big role in Evans’ athleticism at Christiansburg. The three-sport athlete’s true passion is baseball (he also plays basketball). And he hopes to stay in Virginia to become a college athlete.

“My mom and dad have been my biggest fans my whole life and then just getting older my sister started being my biggest fan,” Evans said. “I just want to stay around so my family can come watch me and just all my friends can get out there and watch me.”

On and off the field, Evans is a numbers guy. And it’s a trait that runs in the family.

“My grandfather was a big math guy and it kinda just comes naturally to me,” Evans said. “I want to stay on a math route and do something in statistics.”

When stats are posted, Evans tends to be the one that analyzes them.

“I just go and calculate them and just see how they’re doing. Like yards per carry and everything like that,” Evans said.

Wilkens is just happy to have Evans around.

“He’s easy to talk to. He talks to the coaches like he’s a full-grown adult but then he’s got a good rapport with his teammates as well,” Wilkens said. “So he’s definitely a kid that we’re glad he’s on our team and we get to spend time with him as a person but we wouldn’t want to compete against him either.”