Cave Spring wins their 4th state cheerleading title

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ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — When you look at dynasties in local sports…the Cave Spring Knights cheerleaders would be in that category winning their 4th state title last weekend in Richmond at VCU. To put that in perspective over the last 9 years they finished either first or second in the championship battle for the top prize in cheerleading. These young ladies have a great tradition and they carried it on over the weekend.

“It is truly the best feeling like we work so hard during the season and it feels like all of the hard work is paying off and you get to do it in front of your best friends so it is truly the best feeling,” said Cave Spring senior cheerleader Abby Holbrook.

When it comes to the number 444, it brings things into angelic feeling because they have an angel looking down on them in in one of their former cheerleading sisters in Kendall Bayne as Bayne passed away due to cancer in 2015

“I know when ever I see that at cheer on the clock like we saw on the way to state on the bus it meant that she was with us and even during our warm up time our performance time was supposed to be 444 at state so like that was a big thing for us. It really motivated us to do it for her,” said Cave Spring senior cheerleader Lauren Fradette.

With the senior class winning a state title in their freshman and senior years, they are proud of the foundation and heritage that the Cave Spring Knights cheerleading squad has given to them and future generations of Cave Spring Knights cheerleaders.

“It is really cool to know this like you are part of a tradition that you put all of the work in to says you are like a state champion and it is like really rewarding just because of how much work we put in all year,” said Cave Spring senior cheerleader Caroline Mills.

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