Martinsville football team returns to action after losing a season to COVID

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WFXR) — “I think for me it was tougher for the kids. I have learned hot to adapt to stuff. our kids really struggled. When you lose hope and you don’t have a future that is really hard. Even coming back. We are excited and they are excited. But they are still trying to figure out is it real is it not real. So it has been really tough for them. But we are doing baby steps trying to get caught up,” said Martinsville head football coach Bobby Martin.

“It was very tough just being inside and then coming out in the summer all dehydrated and stuff. It was tough to get back in the groove,” said senior Bryson Stokes.

For Bobby martin even though it is his third year with the Bulldogs, technically it is year two for Martin. With nearly a two year gap between playing a game and hitting the practice field, Martin has had to get things going from square one.

“For me it is like starting all over. It is all like starting all over because we missed a whole group. I had a group of guys I didn’t even get to coach. We were counting on those guys to coach. It is in the past we can’t change that. all we can do is go an move forward,” said Martin.

“I think it is. it gives us a chance to prove ourselves. we are not the team everyone says we are but we can prove to them we can be the best,” said senior Cameron Rountree.

The wins have been few and far between for the Bulldogs. Martinsville has an 18 game losing streak with their last win coming nearly 3 years ago as they beat Chatham on September 7th, 2018. It's been 5 seasons since the dawgs had a winning season. The players are buying in to coach martin in trying to return Martinsville to a successful program.

“He just wants us to do better and work together. to be a good team and be a better man in life,” said senior quarterback Rayshawn Vickerson.

“Try to make us become a better man and he really does love us he cares about us,” said junior running back Izeyveous Martin.

“I think the biggest thing whether it is a football club or a church or a business. You have to play a foundation of hard work. Then you have to lay a foundation of trusting each other. When you start working as a team you can do remarkable things and I think that is for anything. Lay a foundation of working hard, trusting each other, and becoming a team, trying to become a family. That is what a team a real team is a family,” said Martin.

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