MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WFXR) — This impending weather is already having an impact on high schools across the commonwealth. Multiple schools in our area chose to have their normal Friday night football games… Thursday night… hoping to avoid a washout.

There will be a few teams Friday trying to brave the elements….Thursday night how ever was a different story for teams making the decision to bump up their games a day earlier and play Thursday night.

Thursday night at Dan Greene Memorial Stadium in Martinsville it was a perfect night for football as the Bulldogs and George Washington eagles hit the turf a day earlier……..for all at the games in Martinsville and throughout the area they view the move as a win to beat the impending soggy weather.

“You can not do anything with mother nature. We have to accept with what ever it brings. So I am fine with it,” said Martinsville grandparent Ron Carter.

“It was a smart move. You can never be to careful. I had to make an adjustment myself with my work and my job but again I think it is going to work out for the best,” said Martinsville parent Yolanda Mounkaila.

“I feel like any night is a good night to have a football game so I am excited to get out to watch a good game tonight,” said Martinsville parent Christopher Talley.

Overall the fans are happy they will not have deal with a potentially soggy night of football Friday.