ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — We are three weeks away from the start of the high school football season. Time now for our latest Friday Night Blitz preview. We take a look at the Northside Vikings. Last season, Scott Fisher’s crew finished the season 4-7 they did make the playoffs for 13th time in the last 14 seasons. They feel they have the opportunity to make a strong run for a winning record in the 2022 season.

“I think the biggest thing is to develop in the reps. In practice whether they are physical reps or mental reps with our young guys because we try to tell them you are one play away from going in at any particular time. We try to run the same offensive set in our JV program and in our middle school program. That has kind of helped us out we were not able to do that so much in the past. Recently we were able to adopt that. It kind of help us a little bit. The biggest thing is for us to be prepared,” said Fisher.

“We still came through in the clutch in situations that were our guys. But I think this year we are going to be pretty dangerous. We are going to come together pretty well and we are going to work hard,” said Northside senior middle linebacker Evan Elliott.

“I know last year wasn’t what we expected in what we wanted to come. But I know we had to come together to have the success I know we are going to become stronger this year,” said Northside senior wide receiver Sincere Julius.

As Coach Scott Fisher has been in charge of the program over the last few years, the player have developed a special relationship for them and the players look to coach fisher for guidance.

“He is a big relationship guy. He makes sure he gets you where you need to be. You make sure you need to bond with him and we love to play in the sports under him,” said Elliott.

“He is really a father figure. You have to build up that relationship with him. He will take care of you and put him under his wing. he will do anything for you,” said Julius.

The Northside Vikings feel like there will be some big keys for them to have a successful season this fall.

“We have to stay healthy. We will average 65 to 70 kids out between varsity and the junior varsity programs. But just like everybody else, probably everybody else they will say the same thing and to maximize are practice time and we have to stay healthy during the season and during camp,” said Fisher.