ROCKY MOUNT, Va. (WFXR) – Last year the Franklin County high school football team finished the season 5-6 overall.

“Last year I feel like we didn’t live up to our potential we kind of wasted some of it. We should’ve been a lot better than we were in the regular season,” says Franklin County senior quarterback Eli Foutz.

With a loss in the region 6-A state quarterfinals against Western Branch last year, and the Eagles are looking to take another step in the playoffs.

“From being 5-6 I really want to have a winning record and go to the playoffs and states with my teammates to because it’s a team game we play together and just going and playing in states would be awesome and unbelievable,” states Franklin County junior tight end Haven Mullins.

The team has bough into the program, but they want to tackle their biggest issue on the field head-on.

“We have to be able to finish games we started off hot a lot and then take our playoff game in the first round we were winning by 13 with five minutes left and lose by a touchdown. When you do start to get a little winded, you’re out of breath you don’t think as much. So, incorporating not just the physical workout but also training your brain a little bit,” says Foutz.

Head coach J.R. Edwards in entering his 8th season at Franklin County and says it’s the little things that will get his team back to the playoffs.

“You get five or six years down the road and really the players start taking over the leadership and the expectations of needing to be in the weight room and that we need to be there all off season hopefully the little things that will get you to that playoff game.”

As the Eagles prep for their first game of the season against Bassett High School, Franklin County looks to hit the ground running.