Friday Night Blitz – Player of the Week(Week 5)

Friday Night Blitz

DUBLIN, Va. (WFXR) — This week’s athlete was able to turn defense into instant offense in his teams 42-7 win last week and he found the end zone twice – first off of a punt return and another off of a 96 yard interception – and Pulaski County senior receiver John Lyman is your player of the week.

“The first one came off when the ball was kicked away was shorter than I expected so I picked it up and my teammates did a great job blocking and setting up a wall for me to go ahead a make a play. They’re everything to me. My boys we’re very close. We usually come in here super early and we leave after we get the job done. So we always come in and put in work to make sure we are where we need to be. We’ve been doing well so far so hopefully it keeps getting better. It’s just an escape for me. I like it. It relieves stress and teaches me a bunch of stuff. The goal is to take it to the next level with school and stuff also to get to the next level. Coach Dixon means a lot to me. Since he’s been here he means everything to me too. He always helps me keep my head up helps me get on the right path. He’s done stuff that other coaches have never done for me before and I really appreciate that. Coach Lewis all of them everybody really did help me out when I needed them to and vice versa. So, I really appreciate them and we’re all close and it’s like a big family. The whole team is big family and that’s a really good thing. The number four…honestly my grandma’s birthday is on the fourth but Dalvin Cook for FSU that’s my boy so…I would love to leave a legacy here for all my fans for everyone who comes out and supports us as well as my family members and all that too. It’s been an experience I’ve just been trying to soak it all in one game at a time and keep balling. So it’s been pretty fun,” said Lyman

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