Friday Night Blitz : Player of the Week(Week 2)

Friday Night Blitz

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WFXR) — With just seconds left in last Fridays matchup against Abingdon – this weeks athlete in Christiansburg senior quarterback Casey Graham made the throw of a lifetime to seal the deal against the Falcons. He also finished the game with over 220 yards and two touchdown passes.

“You know I have great receivers we run the ball and we pounded it in their mouth. We knew he’d be open we have one of the best receivers in the area in Travis Altizer and we knew we could beat the corner off the line and I just gave him a chance to make a play. You know we just never give up. We have a winning mindset and all we want to do is win. We have a lot to prove and I think we’re doing that right now and we just have to keep on doing it. We just have a brotherhood. We’ve all grown up together and we all played together for many years and we know that we all trust each other and respect each other and we’re ready to play with each other. I just love being back there with my brothers knowing that we’re going to have fun on Friday nights and the competition part of it and the fans and just everything really. My mom, my mom kept me in it you know. I thought about quitting when I was little too. When I was in 1st grade I hated it I played linemen actually. I just hated but she kept pushing me. You know I just want to do it for her honestly. Just seeing her paying for it pushing, and bringing me to practice everyday and taking time out of her life just to bring me there and watch me play every game is just motivating within itself. My dad loves football he loves Green Bay he always says that you should play like Brett Favre and have fun and just keep having fun and that’s really just it. Just play with fun and tat passion and everything else that’s it. My uncle was a big star in my life. He was my hero for a long time at Glenvar and he was a big football player there. I looked up to him and he was doing this when he was my age and he was making plays at receiver. I use to wear the number 7 when I was on JV. Then I changed to number 8 because I just liked the number and because of Lamar Jackson. But for him he was my hero and my uncle. It just means a lot I look up to him and I just want to exceed what he did and be better than him. Just like he always wanted me to do. It’s been my dream since I was little. Even when I was playing linebacker I always wanted to be a quarterback and be just like Brett Favre and for it to come true is just unbelievable,” said Graham.

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