Friday Night Blitz – Player of the Week(Week 13)

Friday Night Blitz

APPOMATTOX, Va. (WFXR) — This week’s player of the week in Appomattox quarterback Tre Lawing not only battled back from an injury early on in the season, he also put up multiple touchdowns in his teams win over Radford in the Region 2C Semifinal last Friday.

“Game one first kickoff first play of the game I went down the field to try and make a tackle somebody fell on my shoulder and dislocated my shoulder. The following week I got MRI’s and stuff and when I went back to the doctor, he had told me that I tore my labrum. The first thing that I asked him was could I still play? He told me yes, but I had to wear a specific brace. All my teammates, my coaches, my family, and this community they had my back this whole time. I learned a lot of my injury. It’s not about how you get knocked down it’s about how you get back up. “What does it mean to you to have Coach Smith back on the sideline?” Having somebody like that to be back on the field with us after going through what he went through it’s a blessing you know. We still pray for him. The team we were doing everything we can playing for him. Not only just him but for the other coaches and this community. We knew we were going face adversity. We face adversity every season, but we never expected it to go that far. Throughout all the adversity we continued to work hard and continue to put our faith in god.> <You know it’s more than just a game honestly. A lot of people play football for more than just the fun of the game. It’s somewhere to relieve some stress. A place that you can call home. We have a family. That’s the biggest thing just to be as one. Everybody comes together as one I love every single of my brothers the same,” said Lawing.

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