LEXINGTON, Va. (WFXR) — After their shutout win against Transylvania – the Washington and Lee women’s lacrosse team is set to take on Wesleyan Saturday in the NCAA Division III women’s lacrosse tournament. The Washington and Lee women’s lacrosse team is back in familiar territory.

“You know I always think there’s lessons that you carry over from year to year in terms of how you approach things or the mindset you need or the way you need to practice everyday to successful. So I think those lessons have been learned and applied but at the same time it’s a new group it’s a new team and we have different personalities and again excited to see what we can do and excited for the leadership we have to bring us there,” said Washington and Lee Women’s Head Lacrosse Coach Brooke O’Brien Diamond.

Last year, the Generals fell to Ithaca College in the second round of the NCAA Division III tournament – this time they’re hoping to change the narrative against Wesleyan – a team they faced just four years ago in the regional semifinals – for senior Janie Stillwell – taking on the Cardinals is going to take a collective effort.

“I don’t necessarily think we have a chip on our shoulder. I think we definitely want to win with this team and kind of looking four years on it’s a really nice full circle moment where were able to sort of come in and we really want to win this game with this team that we have this season,” said Stillwell.

“We know that we’re going to have to bring our best and from the very first whistle bring our best so we’re looking to do that. You know Wesleyan is a team that knocked us out of the tournament four years ago when our seniors were first years. So, we’re looking at it as a great opportunity to hopefully flip the script and change the outcome,” said O’Brien Diamond.

An outcome that the senior leaders on the team look to command on the field – that will hopefully payoff in the tournament. “There’s 9 of them it’s nice to have a senior class that has some numbers to it because it feels like not everything falls on one person,” said O’Brien Diamond. “I think it would feel amazing we just really want to go as far as we can with this group of people that we have and hopefully we’ll be doing things in the next few weeks,” said Stillwell.

The Generals take on 12th ranked Wesleyan, Connecticut in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Saturday at 2:30 pm. An W&L win and they advance to Elite Eight to play either Gettysburg or Denison on Sunday.