BLACKSBURG, Va. (WFXR) — It is academic major at Virginia Tech on the growth over the last few years. Virginia Tech’s Sports Media and Analytics program is giving students the opportunity to get in the field of sports broadcasting.

In 2016, longtime Virginia Tech play-by-play broadcaster Bill Roth was given the task of developing Virginia Tech’s Sports Media and Analytics program or SMA. Students are getting real world experiences other that being in the classroom. The program took an even bigger step as the program is an official major under Virginia Tech’s School of Communication in 2020. Roth says the program is still growing.

“I love what we are doing at Tech. We have so many kids involved with our program. We have so many kids involved with our extra programs where they can be on TV and call games. They can travel to New York for the ACC Tournament. It is a wholistic environment we do things in he classroom. What you learn her you take to the Barclays Center. Which we basically turn into a classroom. It is fun to watch it grow. I am proud of the students buy in,” said Roth.

With the Virginia Tech’s SMA program in full swing, students have a chance to meet their goals and dreams once they graduate. “The goal is to be an analyst or to work for ESPN. Something along those lines,” said Virginia Tech freshman Connor Levinson.

“One of the things that I have been involved with is the ACC Network production team on the campus here at Tech. Most schools don’t let students get involved in that. That is a big reason I picked Tech is because they said bring us tons of students and we will set them up. We will teach them what they need to know,” said Virginia Tech junior Jessica Rosenquist.

“That is my great message to them you are content creators. Whether that is a podcast or a blog or a radio show, or a television show or all of the above, a column something on line a newspaper. You have to able to do it all. So that is my goal right now. We at their tenure at Tech, we have employable creators that have come through our program,” said Roth.

Roth says the program is growing as they have 400 high school students that have applied for the SMA program this year.