BLACKSBURG, Va. (WFXR) — We’re hearing for the first time from Virginia Tech head coach Brent Pry… about thousands of dollars worth of stuff being stolen from the Hokies’ locker room last week… at Old Dominion University. Virginia Tech officials say it was nearly $8000 worth of personal property that was taken.

ODU Police say they provide security at the game, but event staffers were responsible for the locker room area. Pry said their return to Blacksburg was even delayed as they filed a police report. Pry said ODU officials have apologized to the Hokies over the situation.

“Something like that, that is a personal thing. That wasn’t a great feeling after the game for those kids and for our team to be honest. That locker room is a sanctuary. To come in and deal with a tough loss and have that occur. It impacts our travel plans everyone gets home later. It is not home you want to handle things,” said Pry.

The Hokies are scheduled to play ODU every year through 2031, with stops in Norfolk in 2024, 2027, 2029. 2031.