LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) — The housing market in Lynchburg is facing a setback after a popular service that lets realtors manage home listings has been down for more than a week.

Karl Miller is a realtor in Lynchburg who says this comes after the software behind this service, called “Rapattoni” was hacked. He adds that this had a significant impact on the work realtors were able to do over the last several days because it made access to listings difficult to find.

“It’s the platform by which, if you’re a seller and I’m your agent, I upload your house, your properties information into Rapattoni which feeds up to the national websites it feeds up to all the other broker’s websites it feeds up to, Trulia, Zillow, it feeds to all the national websites,” said Miller.

Miller says luckily, they have been able to include Lynchburg’s listings in Multi-Listing-Services out of Roanoke and Charlottesville while they wait for the service to be restored.