Which mochi fidget toys are best?

Ever since the rise of the fidget spinner in 2016, stress-relieving toys have been top sellers for adults and children alike. Mochi fidget toys are the new stars of the fidget toy lineup, trending for their simplicity and soft design.

Pokonboy’s 25 Pack Mochi Squishy Toys has an assortment of animals and objects that come with a storage box for safekeeping. The variety makes them perfect as a gift, party favors or a self-indulgent purchase.

What to know before you buy a mochi fidget toy

Despite the Mochi name, the strawberry cream scented fidget toys are edible for consumption. Instead, they serve as a mental and physical outlet for those with a bit too much energy, much like other stress-relieving toys.


What is mochi and what does it have to do with fidget toys? Mochi is a type of Japanese rice cake, and it is often soft and squishy, much like the toys. The mochi fidget toys were named after the traditional food due to their similar texture and Japanese origin. While not all mochi fidget toys are shaped like the spongey rice cakes, they still share the name.


Mochi fidget toys serve the same purpose as any other fidget toy. They give adults and children an outlet to relieve stress in a healthy way. Both people who are neurodivergent and neurotypical can be prone to fidgeting. Without a toy, they might pick at their nails, shake their leg or tap on inanimate objects. While these coping measures work as temporary solutions to stress, they can cause physical harm or disrupt others. The innovative mochi fidget toys were developed as a cute and subtle tool for releasing energy through the sense of touch.


While mochi fidget toys are the cutest stress reliever on the market, they are not the only option. Other fidget toys include spinners, cubes, bubble poppers and spheres. The beauty of mochi fidget toys is their unobtrusive nature. Fidgeting can be done in a discreet way and with only one hand, as opposed to other tools that are not made with subtlety in mind.

What to look for in a quality mochi fidget toy

A quality mochi fidget toy will be cute, soft and smell good just as advertised. It should be easy to clean without accidentally scrubbing off the designs that make the toy so irresistibly adorable.


The overwhelming appeal of mochi fidget toys is their pleasant design. The toy animals, dinosaurs, fantasy creatures and other miscellaneous objects are designed to be the cutest fidget tool up for grabs. These enchanting stress-relievers first found a foothold in the Japanese “kawaii” (cute) market and have grown in popularity for more than just fans of Japanese culture. There is no shortage of fidget spinners and cubes, which are also usable for reducing stress, but they are hardly as endearing or adorable as a mochi fidget toy.

Silicone and PU

Mochi fidget toys are made to release stress through touch. This makes the feel vital to toy’s quality and most are shaped in silicone or polyurethane (PU) to make them soft and squeezable. PU is the same material used to make sponges and foam fillers, which is how mochi toys get their pleasing, squishy texture. Keep in mind that consumption of PU can be toxic, and anything made of the material should be kept away from young children and animals. 


As if the hundreds of cute shapes and colors of mochi fidget toys weren’t enough, some toys come with the added feature of smell. Most toys with this quality are made with fruity and sweet smells with the strawberry scent being an overwhelmingly popular choice.

Easy to clean

A mochi fidget toy is not immune to everyday substances and the consistent squeezing is going to lead to a necessary but effortless wash. Being small, minimalistic and squishy, mochi toys should be an easy clean in whatever shape they come in. Wiping the toy down shouldn’t rub off the colors or break down the toy.

How much you can expect to spend on mochi fidget toys

Expect to spend between $15-$25 for a pack of twenty mochi fidget toys. Larger packs may be available for the same price depending on the merchant.

Mochi fidget toy FAQ

Do fidget toys help people with neurodivergent diagnoses?

A. Squishing mochi fidget toys is believed to improve focus and attention in both adults and children regardless of their mental condition. They enhance learning by minimizing stress and creating an outlet that is both safe and unobtrusive for others. To this effect, the toys are known to help with treating anxiety, attention deficit and other conditions.

How do you wash a mochi fidget toy?

A. A quick wipe with soap and room temperature water should be effective in cleaning a mochi fidget toy. Avoid using hot water or chemical cleaners which will break down the soft material of the toy.

What are the best mochi fidget toys to buy?

Top mochi fidget toys

Pokonboy’s 25 Pack Mochi Squishy Toys

Pokonboy’s 25 Pack Mochi Squishy Toys

What you need to know: This pack of 25 mochi squishy toys are in traditional shapes, like animals and inanimate objects. 

What you’ll love: These 25 mochi fidget toys come in a storage bucket for safekeeping. They are made of soft, nontoxic synthetic rubber, making them safe to be left around children and animals. The assortment and quantity make these toys useful as a personal purchase, gifts or party favors. 

What you should consider: These mochi fidget toys are not scented and instead smell like the synthetic rubber they are made from. The assorted toys are randomly selected and packaged, so there is a chance of receiving duplicates when ordering.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top mochi fidget toys for the money

Outee 16-Peice Mochi Animal Toys

Outee 16-Peice Mochi Animal Toys

What you need to know: This is a 16-pack of mochi fidget toys featuring cute animals.

What you’ll love: These fidget toys are made from thermoplastic rubber, a synthetic rubber. All feature adorable creatures in individual packaging, making them perfect for gift bags or stocking stuffers. 

What you should consider: None of the toys are scented and instead smell like the synthetic rubber they are made from. Some have found a few have had an oily texture.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

DIY 4-Piece Mochi Toy

DIY 4-Piece Mochi Toy

What you need to know: Paint your own mochi toys for added fun.

What you’ll love: These mochi fidget toys are larger than usual. This pack includes 4 mochi fidget toys, paintbrushes and a set of paint, so you can decorate them however you like.  

What you should consider: These are made of PU foam, which is extremely soft and environmentally friendly. However, this also means that it can potentially rip if it’s used too roughly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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