Updated as of August 8, 2019

Q: What is the latest status on the negotiations?

A: Over the past month, Nexstar Media, the parent company of WFXR and WWCW, has been working hard to bring back your local stations. Unfortunately, AT&T (parent company of DIRECTV, U-verse, and DIRECTV Now) does not see the same value for WFXR and WWCW and the other local Nexstar stations as their paying subscribers see.  We have received tremendous support from viewers who have encouraged AT&T to bring back our stations for the benefit of our viewers.

Q: Are you still negotiating with AT&T?

A: We continue to engage with AT&T to bring back WFXR and WWCW and negotiate in good faith, but progress has been slow.  All of this could have been avoided if AT&T accepted the multiple overtures by Nexstar to extend the current agreement for 30 days.

Q: How long will this dispute last?

A: At this point in time, we cannot accurately predict when, or if, AT&T will bring back WFXR and WWCW, but know we remain engaged in good faith to continue our negotiations and discussions with them.  To ensure you receive WFXR and WWCW ASAP, we recommend you switch your video provider today, you have options.

Q: What other programming will I miss?

A:  You will continue to miss your local WFXR News and Pinpoint Weather emergency service updates, and the fall season premieres of your favorite shows and football season such as the 911, the Resident and Empire.  

Q: The NFL season is coming soon; will I miss my local games?  What if I subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket with DIRECTV?

A: If you switch providers, you will not have any problems!  When the Washington Redskins or the Carolina Panthers are on WFXR this season, and if you still subscribe to an AT&T service, you will not have access to the game on your lineup.  As for NFL Sunday Ticket, the service blacks out the local games.

Q: Is it normal for AT&T to remove local programming from their lineup?

A: Recently, AT&T has routinely been involved in disputes with content providers. Following the removal of Nexstar Stations in July, AT&T dropped all CBS owned and operated stations in over a dozen markets.  Earlier in 2019, more than 20 other non-Nexstar stations were removed from the AT&T lineup. Unfortunately, for some paying AT&T subscribers, that means that they have been without two or even three of their local stations!

Q: Where will WFXR and WWCW programming still be available?

A: No other cable or satellite company is affected; only AT&T subscribers have had their favorite news, comedies, dramas, and sports taken away.  Among the other providers available that see the value in local content include DISH (855-898-6730) and your local cable company.

Q: AT&T has offered me a credit on my next bill up to $75, or they have sent me a local antenna, why should I not stay with them?

A: Your value to AT&T is much greater than a one-time $75 credit, so they are in fact saving money by providing this to you in hopes to persuade you to stay on as a subscriber.  As for the antenna that has been sent out, we are already hearing about connectivity issues, and even if this helps restore WFXR and WWCW  to your television set, what about next time?  We all know with AT&T there will be a next time.  If AT&T has not provided you with a $75 credit, we suggest you ask that when you call 855-937-9468

Q: What can I do about this situation?

A: You should continue to reach out to AT&T by calling them at 855-937-9468 to demand they bring back your favorite local news source! You can also contact other local providers including DISH (855-898-6730) and switch to make sure you are treated fairly and get the programming you want.   Demand AT&T returns WFXR and WWCW and the content you want, pay for, and deserve!

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