(WFXR) – Those who know her call her an inspiration, noting she has held many titles, and been successful at all.

Currently, Caitlyn Scaggs is the Executive Manager of New Hope Girls. The non-profit is based out of the Dominican Republic.

“We are fighting some of the gnarliest and nastiest issues plaguing this planet, human exploitation, human trafficking, abuse,” said Caitlyn Scaggs. She continues, “But rather than focusing on the darkness and the issues, we like to talk about all the joy and the restoration that can happen when we lock arms with women and girls and tell them how immensely valuable they are.”

Locking arms with women and showing them their value is something Caitlyn knows a lot about. Her father, James Rancourt, says her desire to help people is what drives her.

“It almost seems to be her sole reason for existing. An example would be, she’s worked on a book for about four years, which the whole purpose of the book was to help women understand how they can be both in situations where people think it has to be one or the other,” said James Rancourt.

The book is called Worth It And Wonderful. It was published on January 17, 2023.

“Anyone that reads that book I want them to turn the last page and be so sure of how valuable they are,” said Scaggs.

Caitlyn’s friend, Brittany Hall, says the book wasn’t about having the title of a published author. She says her friend wanted to share what she has learned to help uplift other women.

“How can I share what I have learned through this incredibly unique journey I’ve had professionally and personally and allow women to see how they can incorporate these things into their lives,” said Brittany Hall. She continues, “It was never about I want to call myself an author or I want to be able to say I’m published it was how can I be a greater impact to those around me and to women in general,” said Hall.

That love of helping people is why James and Brittany both nominated Caitlyn for WFXR’s remarkable women series.

“In everything she does and I call it rising to the top so to speak, she doesn’t claw her way there. She brings other people along with her and I think in that respect she’s a remarkable woman,” said Rancourt.

Hearing that statement from her father was emotional for Scaggs. She noted how gracious of a compliment it is.

“I think the reason it’s putting tears in my eyes is because that’s the most important thing. At the end of the day, people are what matters, and if we do it for our own gain, if we do it for our own self-interest then what have we really won at the end of the day? But, if we can lift and rise together we’re better together. We’re more powerful together, a greater impact. Honoring each other is the best thing we can do” said Scaggs.