(WFXR) — Giving back comes naturally for Allyson Davoll, which is why she was nominated for “Remarkable Women.”

“I care about people. I want to see everybody prosper and grow, So I make every opportunity, if it’s an opportunity for me, then I’m going to make it an opportunity for somebody else,” said Davoll.

She comes from a long line of people who serve their community. According to Davoll, her mother and father both are givers in the community.

The licensed educator, consultant, and business owner feels that in order to be successful you have to make those around you successful

“It’s not ever really about me. It’s always about somebody else or moving something forward in another direction,” said Davoll.

Terri Assini said that she can vouch for that. She met Davoll at church.

“She’s just an amazing person. Her spirit is amazing. Her go-getter is amazing and her personality is amazing,” said Assini.

According to Assini, in addition to being a friend, Davoll is also her business consultant.

“The information that she provided for me it was absolutely amazing. She didn’t cut corners. She gave me everything I needed to apply to my current business and to be successful. She’s definitely a motivator,” said Assini.

Assini isn’t the only one who Davoll helps. Through her southwest Virginia salons, Inspired to Enhance, she provides opportunities for other stylists to grow and learn.

“She inspires. The name of her current business Inspired to Enhance definitely describes her,” said Assini.

The inspiration for Davoll doesn’t stop there. She’s constantly finding ways to do more.

“I know the struggle, you know personally, so it makes my heart go out to others you know when they’re going through tough times or even the good times. We want to celebrate those too,“ said Davoll.

Davoll volunteers in the community. She offers free back to school haircuts, an idea she got from the owners of First Impressions. That’s where Davoll says she started her career. She hosts coat drives, supports the Melrose Playground in Roanoke, and also finds time to further herself on a professional level.

Davoll participated in The Gauntlet, Virginia’s largest business program and competition, and placed second. She also participated in the Walker Program, allowing Allyson to open her salon in Lexington. She also has a salon in Roanoke.

“When she sets her mind to do things she’s definitely going to accomplish those things. She’s going to put her best foot forward. She’s going to make sure those things are accomplished,’ said Assini.

Davoll credits her success to the Lord.

“God gets all the glory in all of it. So it’s not ever about me. I just want to be used by him. So in that all things are possible and when I learned that I really felt unstoppable. So I don’t hesitate when I feel called to do something,” said Davoll.