PULASKI, Va. (WFXR) — What makes a remarkable woman, remarkable?

In the case of Robin Burdette, her remarkable spirit comes by way of a remarkable work ethic.

Locally, Burdette is known as “The Blue Ridge Fudge Lady,” all the while working as a Cryptologist for the U.S. Navy.

What really sets her apart is her love for Pulaski County and the way she serves people within the New River Valley by inspiring others to give back to their community.

Burdette is a single mom, a successful business owner who’s daughter Abbi knows first-hand, the impact her mother has made on the community.

“I see her as my inspiration. People always come up to me and say ‘your mom is so amazing, you have such a great mother.’ Yeah, I know.”

Abbi Deiulio, Robin’s Daughter

The residents of Pulaski County know too, which is why she is a nominee for Nexstar’s Remarkable Woman.

Burdette once worked in the nation’s capital for the Navy but wanted to continue her governmental contract closer to home.

The NRV is innately a part of this remarkable woman and she balances the stresses of single motherhood while being someone everyone can count on. But this isn’t necessarily the foundation of who she is.

Her positive energy unfolds when making chocolate, while spreading joy to her community.

Since 2014, Burdette has been making fudge — a business she loves, but it hasn’t always been easy.

“My first fudge shop bombed – completely failed. I had a different name at the time and all these kids called me the fudge lady, so every festival I came to, that’s how the name came about.”

Robin Burdette, Remarkable Woman Nominee

“The Fudge Lady” stuck and Pulaski County loves the Blue Ridge Fudge Lady — not just for the delicious, sweet goodness she makes daily, but for the good she ignites to the quaint town.

Her character shows up every Veterans Day as she makes fudge for our nation’s heroes to thank them for their service.

As much joy as it brings her to see them appreciative, her small acts of sweet kindness have become contagious.

Recently on Veterans Day, seven different organizations came to help the Fudge Lady, and after she fed them breakfast, they all got to work as individuals from the Pulaski Police and Fire Departments, as well as the Rescue Squad, all helped to deliver fudge by reaching even more vets.

Her giving heart also has benefited other small business owners by helping sell their crafts and aiding them with marketing strategies.

Just like her fudge, this NRV-native’s heart for helping people and her town overflows which makes an impact.

“I think when people see you doing good in the community, they like that. It spreads the positivity into the community.”

Robin Burdette, Remarkable Woman Nominee

Burdette’s community wants everyone to know all about her, not just as the “Fudge Lady,” but also a remarkable woman.