BEDFORD, Va. (WFXR) — All month long, WFXR News is celebrating remarkable women in our communities. This Tuesday, we want to introduce you to Helen Walters of Bedford, a woman known for her big heart and kindness.

Walters not only feeds the officers at the Bedford Police Department for free, but she also helps people in her community who otherwise wouldn’t have some of the bare necessities.

This remarkable woman is the owner of Sister-to-Sister Café & Catering. Walters serves everyone with a smile as they enter her business.

“I love cooking. We make chicken salad, tuna salad, quiche, clubs,” she shared. 

And all of this is for a pretty good price. Meals cost $5.96 and the servings offer a pretty good portion, as well. 

“My clientele here in Bedford is the reason I keep my prices so low,” said Walters. 

If you don’t have enough for the meals, don’t worries. Walters still makes sure her community is fed. She’s not necessarily in business her in Bedford for the money. Walters believes this Café & Catering opportunity is a ministry. 

“I love helping people. I love making sure people get what they need. There’s so many people that are in need and some are lost. When you’re in need, you don’t know what to do,” Walters shared. “When people come in, I love having conversations with them.”

Walters provides people in her community with meals, food, clothes, and a whole lot more. These are random acts of kindness she does anonymously without expecting anything in return. 

Because of her kindness and huge heart, Walters’ longtime friend Ricky Mayhew decided to nominate her for the Nexstar Remarkable Woman of the Year Award. 

“I see her do things for people in the community in need without people knowing she’s helping them. She doesn’t want the accolades,” said Mayhew. 

Mayhew sees Walters’ acts and keeps her secrets, but when he saw the Nexstar Remarkable Woman Award, he nominated Walters to be recognized for her generosity. 

“All the tip money from here (Sister-to-Sister Café & Catering) goes to charity or someone in need,” continued Mayhew. 

Walters says that she cares because she simply loves people.

“If you don’t love people and you don’t have compassion for people, then what do you have?” she asked.

And considering how much, she says, she’s been blessed, Walters wants others to be blessed, too.