ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) – According to the Virginia Citizens Defense League, some 41 localities – and growing – have passed ‘Second Amendment sanctuary’ resolutions.

Many of the local meetings have drawn enormous crowds, but what does the title really mean?

According to WFXR Political Analyst Dr. Karen Hult, not much; it carries no legal weight and is just a symbol of resistance. However, she adds that the coordination, speed, and energy of the movement could still have real-world consequences.

“But there also are a whole range of national organizations looking at this that are also looking to the 2020 races, too,” she said.

She says both sides of the debate could walk away with their version of a ‘win.’

On one hand, the state can choose not to recognize the title and is poised to hear bills expanding background checks, limiting gun magazine size, specifying the time window to report a lost or stolen gun, and more.

She says Governor Northam may well sign some into law.

“I think for the most part, courts have been willing to allow so-called reasonable state and federal government restrictions on how guns might be used,” she said.

On the other hand, if localities refuse to enforce certain state laws – as they’ve promised to do in these resolutions – they may be afforded some wiggle room.

“Presumably, what could happen is that there could be state legal action against those localities. In reality, however, it would be kind of still at the discretion of local law enforcement, and there probably would be some way of compromising and working around those very restrictions.”

She adds – based on recent polling – support for gun restriction comes mainly from urban and some suburban areas in the Commonwealth, and that opposition comes from our viewing area.

The movement is far from over, too: Bedford and Grayson Counties, just to name a few, have meetings to discuss Second Amendment Sanctuary status next week.


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