RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Virginia Election Commissioner Susan Beales gave an afternoon update on the state of voting across the commonwealth, just hours before polls are set to close.

Beales said issues with electronic poll books in some Central Virginia localities had been resolved, and that voting was now going smoothly, although some precincts did decide to remain on paper poll books instead of returning to the new electronic system.

Beales also said the department was “adding some more features, some more transparency” to the commonwealth’s results page, including user-friendly graphics and a break-down of absentee ballots by precinct.

“Hopefully this will help folks understand where we are when we’re reporting tonight,” she said.

Beales also said the department had received no specific reports of election interference or voter intimidation from any local election officials or volunteer poll watchers.

If you voted or cast a provisional ballot, but are worried that your vote wasn’t counted, you can check your voter history using the department’s lookup tool — but don’t worry if you don’t see anything immediately, Beales added.

“You’ll probably need to give it 7 to 30 days,” she said.

Earlier today, Beales told reporters that a record number of Virginians registered to vote ahead of today’s election — and thanks to a new law in Virginia, many more can now register at their polling place and cast a provisional ballot.