LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) — The former governor and current Democratic gubernatorial candidate for Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, visited the University of Lynchburg on Wednesday afternoon as Election Day draws near.

This happened shortly before an announcement was made about former president Donald Trump reportedly coming to Virginia.

McAuliffe said this move shows that Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin’s top priority is bringing his “Trumpian right-wing agenda” to Virginia.

(Photo: Amanda Lee/WFXR News)

McAuliffe also expressed that he was somewhat shocked that the former president is returning to the Commonwealth.

“Trump coming in just reminds everybody what this nation went through,” McAuliffe told WFXR News. “Then to think that he encouraged these people to try and topple our government on January 6th is disgraceful.”

McAuliffe also spoke on his priorities if he is elected governor, with education being at the top of his list.

(Photo: Amanda Lee/WFXR News)

According to McAuliffe, he plans to invest $2 billion per year to fix the education system and give teachers a raise. He also promises anyone willing to teach in high-demand areas that their room, board, and education would be paid for at any college in the Commonwealth.

The former governor says better education will create better workers.

“We got to get people back into the workforce, we have low unemployment here. But I talk all about skills training. We’ve got to be using our education system to be teaching skills to match the jobs that exist,” said McAuliffe.

He also mentioned the importance of access to broadband for students and health care coverage for all.

For more information about voting in Virginia on or ahead of Election Day — which is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 2 — follow this link.

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