ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — All eyes remain on Virginia as election tallies continue to come in. Many representatives across the Commonwealth have already declared victories, but official results are not announced until the state certifies the results for each district.

In the meantime, key races back at home have remained in the spotlight. To break down the races and what this could mean for Virginia, professor of Political Science at Virginia Tech, Karen Hult, and Aaron Van Allen, an associate professor of Government at Liberty University dove into the topics of abortion, funding, and more.

However, on election night one of many races that captured the attention of Dr. Hult and Allen, was the Senate District 31 race in northwest Loudoun County.

“The one we both have been looking at is Senate District 31,” said Allen. “That’s a seat in 2020 that President Biden held by about 13%, but Governor Glenn Youngkin flipped that seat but half a percentage point. Even though he flipped it it’s still going to be a very very tight race.”

Allen says this race had used about $7 million and had the second most number of early voting ballots. Dr. Hult added that another race they kept their eye on was the race in Henrico County and the east part of the state.

“What we have seen there is most of the cases a lot of many spent there,” Dr. Hult.

When asked about the house, Allen says Republicans may have a 2020 split within the Senate. Dr. Hult added that she doesn’t foresee the state senate changing control.