BLACKSBURG, Va. (WFXR) — On Friday, April 7, Blacksburg resident Lily Franklin, 28, announced that she has officially received the Democratic nomination for Delegate in Virginia’s 41st House District.

Franklin grew up in Roanoke County and has political background having worked in Delegate Sam Rasoul’s office for five years before becoming Chief of Staff in both Rasoul’s offices during the legislative session. She was also a part of Rev. Josh Throneburg’s campaign in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District as Deputy Campaign Manager and Finance Director.

As for her mission, Franklin said this in her announcement video:

“If you envision a world where we thrive at all stages of life, consider this your invitation: join me as we claim this district not only for the Democrats, but for our community, for our neighbors, and for all the people in Southwest Virginia who feel like they’ve been left behind by politicians in Richmond.”

The 41st District includes Roanoke County and parts of Montgomery County and is considered a “must-win” seat for Democrats to flip the House of Delegates this fall. To see the full video of Franklin’s announcement, click here.