ARLINGTON, VA(WFXR) — According to the Military Women’s Memorial three million women have served in or with the armed forces since the American Revolution. The Military Women’s Memorial just outside of the Arlington Memorial honors the commitment, contributions and experiences of servicewoman. During each honor flight trip to Washington, the memorial recognizes the female veterans in the group.

Last October, Roanoke native Iraqi Freedom and Army Veteran in Staff Sergeant Seyward McKinney and Marine Veteran in corporal Hannah Jordan were honored.

“Really cool that they actually recognized me for something that I didn’t really expect it. And it may touched me a little bit and I just appreciate being recognized. Because, you know, nowadays women, you know, don’t get recognized unless you’re wearing a hat or something that shows that you’re a veteran. So. So I have little pins that I’ve been handing out to veterans that are females, let’s say a female veterans on it. So you can wear, you know, and your pocketbook and something to show that. Yeah, I too have served,” said McKinney.

“So the museum issues the appreciation of all the women that have served past and present. And so it’s really nice to to get that recognition and then the honor flight. It’s a it feels amazing to be able to hear all the stories and all the older generations of veterans versus even the younger generations, that are the guardians,” said Jordan.

The Military Women’s Memorial is asking for help to add names to their registry for all the past and present female military members.

You can actually add names to the registry your self. Click on the link to the website below: