CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WFXR) — When you see Caroline Darney at a Virginia Cavaliers athletic event, she is in her element……..covering her alma mater’s athletic teams……Darney fell in love with the Virginia campus……..Darney got a Navy ROTC scholarship to UVA….this led to her joining the Navy with inspiration from her dad being an Air Force pilot.

“I grew up watching my dad serve his country, it was something I was interest in doing. This route was a perfect mix of everything I wanted to do when looking at the University of Virginia and a potential to serve,” said Darney.

Darney served for 8 years in the Navy from 2007-2015 as a flight officer and foreign defense liaison with 1,300 combat hours in the middle east and three years of working at the Pentagon. With her military career she did learn a valuable lesson.

“Adaptability is clearly important to serve in the military. It has served me well now in the civilian side of things but also the challenges they are worth, running a mission during a combat mission and their a multiple missions coming in. You have to see what is important with others and to work with others with the team,” said Darney.

While Darney was at the Pentagon, she got her master’s degree from Georgetown University as well as being a freelance sports writer….and leading hear back to covering UVA sports as managing editor for SB Nation’s Streaking The Lawn.

“It was a great way to learn a lot of stuff, one by watching other reporters an watching everyone else ask questions and get creative with questions sometimes as one of the younger people from an experience standpoint and not necessarily an age standpoint,” said Darney.

While Darney has grown as a writer to include her current role as managing editor for Bet For The Win · USA Today Sports Media Group….she has covered some of UVA’s recent big sports moments.

“I have been very lucky to be here for Virginia Sports, I have covered a Final Four, covering Virginia winning a national championship in 2019, covered a couple of men’s lacrosse championships and had a chance to cover the College World Series, it has been an incredible experience. definitely a lot to write about,” said Darney.

Darney looks back fondly at her 8 year Naval career.

“I have my I love the Navy wall at home with pictures of the plane and my old flight helmet, every great aviator has their plane on a stick displayed somewhere in their house. I love having those things. I love talking about it. It is something that I can’t believe that I did. It does feel kinda weird honestly it does feel like a different lifetime,” said Darney.

Darney said she would attach UVA’s V-Sabre logo to the outside of her flight suit every time she flew. She wore her favorite pair of Virginia shorts underneath the suit.