BEDFORD COUNTY, Va (WFXR) — The National D-Day Memorial hosted a Veterans Day Event to honor those who have served this nation. Veterans loved ones, and even ROTC and JROTC programs came together to show their support.

Major General Antonio Munera expressed the significance of honoring service members.

“Veterans day and each and every day we gotta recognize the incredible talent of our veterans,” said Munera.

Major General Munera gave the keynote address at the event. He emphasized the importance of not letting veterans be overlooked or forgotten regardless of how much time has passed.

“Generations of patriots have dedicated themselves to the defense of our country to make us a more stronger and more resilient nation,” Munera said.

Two veterans in attendance served in World War two, Daniel Villarial and Ernest Fulcher, and even now at 96 and 93 years old –, they say this day still brings back both good and bad memories of people and experiences.

“There’s a lot of memories that I remember and think about, and there’s a few of my buddies that didn’t make it,” said Villarial.

“Knowing that a lot of them are servers connecting because I was myself. I saw a lot of things I didn’t want to see, but you had to take the bad with the good,” Fulcher said.

Ernest Fulcher served in the Navy and was there on D-Day in 1944. The National D-Day Memorial Foundation brought him to the front to honor him during the event.

Major General Munera added that the camaraderie between current veterans, active service members, and future veterans is inspiring.

“So impactful especially when you saw all the ROTC cadets and junior ROTC cadets as they think about what they want to do in their future, their just an inspiration to them,” said Munera.

The ROTC and JROTC programs had the opportunity to hear stories from veterans– and learn more about what a future in the military could mean for them.