SALEM, VA(WFXR) — Mission Accomplished! A new display at the Salem VA commemorates not just those who served — but also those in our region who earned our nation’s highest military honor. Recently, there was a ribbon cutting ceremony for the honor wall. For Salem VA Health Care System Associate Director Allen Moye…the establishment of a Congressional Medal of Honor Wall at a VA was something he has done at his previous stop.

“A gentleman by the name of Herschel “Woody” Williams showed up in my office when I was at a previous medical center. He was wearing a Marine Corps Jacket and a congressional medal of honor winner. We had a long conversation and it was his dream to have a congressional medal of honor wall at every VA center across the nation,” said Moye.

With the Congressional Medal of Honor Wall is all about the veterans and honor the nations highest military honor.

“It is about remembering our veterans and all veterans not only the ones that has got the congressional medal of honor but keeping those folks and part of their life and their families for the views of our country,” said Moye.

Moye was inspired to carry on the mission from previous Congressional Medal of Honor winner Woody Williams.

“It makes my heart warm. While Mr. Williams has since passed. The ability to continue his dream was of having a congressional medal of honor wall in every VA facility. Somewhere up above he is looking down smiling on us to continue his mission,” said Moye.

The Medal of Honor wall— features the names of 18 people who are connected to the 26-county area served by the Salem VA Healthcare System.