LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) – University of Lynchburg sophomore Chris Pierson traded in his books for a dirt and a shovel this afternoon.

“I’ve seen Jurassic Park so clearly I know everything there is to know about archaeology. But you know I just came here because of my interest,” says Pierson.

Pierson along with other students from the university participated in an archaeological dig at Historic Sandusky in Lynchburg. The students were on the hunt for the property’s original smokehouse. For Pierson the dig was fun.

“Something that has been here for 300 hundred years being dug up 300 years later by some college kid that decided to spend his Saturday out with some awesome people deciding to do some archaeology is pretty cool,” explains Pierson.

Historic Sandusky was once used as the headquarter for the union during the Battle of Lynchburg. Just a few years ago students located the original kitchen to the Sandusky property. For Director of Historic Sandusky Greg Starbuck seeing the students lend a hand is amazing.

“I can’t tell you how much watching a student come here when they’re a freshmen or sophomore and getting involved with the university and with Historic Sandusky and watching them grow and mature is just very exciting,” says Starbuck.

With shovels in hand, and their sifting screens at the ready. The University of Lynchburg students are just a dig away from hopefully finding the lost smokehouse.