DANVILLE, Va. (WFXR) — It’s not easy being a quarterback. And experience plays a big part in the success at that position. A sophomore at George Washington High School in Danville is getting that experience with the trust and support of his teammates and coaches.

When you ask what motivates Nehemiah Cabell on the football field, he has a simple answer.

“Really my family you know,” Cabell said. “I feel like I gotta do a lot for them and just help them out and just give them a better situation.”

Cabell’s family is also the reason why he wanted to become the quarterback in the first place.

“I was just a little kid and I used to watch football with my dad and my mom,” Cabell said. “There’s always that one player, like when I watch games there’s always that one player when he says something, everybody moves so that’s why I just thought quarterback was a position for me.”

As a freshman last season, Nehemiah played in the shadow of senior quarterback Jeb Byrnes.

“He was basically like a big brother to me. I had to learn after him and the first game I actually played, he had got hurt. After that, I felt like I did good. I let him taught me and let him lead the way,” Cabell said.

Now as a starting quarterback, Cabell realizes the responsibility he has on the field.

“Just managing the game and helping everybody else because you’re basically like the coach on the field when the coaches aren’t on the field so when nobody else knows what to do, they come to you and ask you,” Cabell said.

And he has the confidence of his teammates.

“He’s ready for this moment. I feel he’s ready,” junior wide receiver Kemori Dixon said. “I feel we trust him and as long as we trust him, it doesn’t matter if anyone else trusts him or not.”

Head coach Nick Anderson just has one piece of advice for the sophomore QB.

“He just says be prepared for the moment and just be yourself. Don’t try to be anybody else,” Cabell said. “Don’t try to do anything too big or too small. just be yourself and do you.”