Security firm offers class to train gun owners to take down active shooters


FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) – Executive Security Concepts teamed up with Firepower Tactical to offer an active shooter elimination training class to teach people how to use a concealed handgun to take down that shooter.

“I just felt like if there are people out there that are carrying concealed weapons that want to get more training,” Executive Security Concepts owner Chris Ragone said, “and if they’re going to be in a situation where one of these active shooters show up, we all know that seconds count.”

Ragone said just carrying a gun could give a false sense of peace of mind, but these classes could give them the training to save lives in an emergency situation.

“We teach things like what happens when there is a malfunction,” Firepower Tactical Owner Wes Boozer said, “We teach things like how to respond to an active shooter. There’s a technique to use so you don’t place other people in danger.”

This training is much more than the typical classroom experience. They have state of the art simulators to give people a more realistic experience.

“And it just really brings something home that you can’t get from like youtube videos or books or from watching tv,” Boozer said.

The class is geared towards training people who work in malls, churches, schools, large businesses or anywhere that could be host to an active shooter.

“It’s cliche to say it, but the only thing that stops a bad person with a firearm is usually a good person with a firearm,” Ragone said.

The idea of having someone in a workplace with this type of training is something Roanoke resident Joel Johnson agrees with.

“If somebody knows exactly what to do in a situation, or is trained at least in the best way to handle it, yeah that would make me feel a lot safer,” Johnson said.

In contrast, teacher Anette Wattie doesn’t like the idea of people being armed in her school.

“I feel there are other measures we can take,” Wattie said, “Having one entrance, having to show your license. There are other ways to protect our students other than having armed teachers.”

For a day-long class, the maximum number of people is five.

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