SALEM, Va. (WFXR) — The Salem half marathon takes place this weekend on October 12th. The annual race is in its 4th year and organizers anticipate around 800 participants.

Race Director, Molly Bullington trudged through the heavy rain on Tuesday with her hands full of signage as she marked the race route.

Bullington said, “preparation is really a year-long process.”

Her statement is evident. The Salem Parks and Recreation office had an entire room dedicated to race necessities. Upon entering the space, one can easily recognize the organizational process that isn’t accomplished overnight.

When Bullington was asked about her dedication to the race, she said, “It’s important to me because it’s fun. I love it, I love logistics, I love putting stuff together, I love events. It’s just fun for me, it’s not work.”

Bullington isn’t the only one preparing for the big race.

Stacie Maguire, a race participant, and mother of triplets somehow finds the time to train for the long distance race.

This is the second year Maguire will be running in the Salem Half Marathon alongside her husband. When asked about what compels her to participate in half marathons:

“I’ve probably been doing them off and on for around 10 years. I like the longer distance. It’s just good therapy to get outside and go for a run and it’s a big part of our family too. My husband and I both run, enjoy running, and it’s really important to both of us to get that time in for each other.”

Stacie Maguire- Race Participant

A compliment to the organizers, Maguire described the Salem half marathon as a beautiful course and well-run event.

The Salem half marathon will surely be an event to be cherished by organizers, runners, volunteers, and spectators alike.