HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) — The 64th Annual Model Railroad Show has officially left the station!

The event was hosted by the Appalachian Model Railroad Society from Friday, Nov. 25, to Sunday, Nov. 27, in Huntington, West Virginia.

Carl Miller, the society’s vice president, said it is the largest train show in the area. The 2022 show featured several layouts and included 30 vendors selling new and used model railroad equipment.

“It’s a wonderful place for a family to bond because when you start constructing one of these things … you can do the construction, the artistic, the electrical, the imagination, the building,” Miller said. “So, it’s a wonderful hobby, if you look at it from a family perspective.”

Attendee Noah Morrison said he has gone to the event for almost a decade. What keeps him coming back year after year is not only his love for model trains but the comradery.

“It’s a combination of it’s close [and] you know the people here,” Morrison said. “It’s kind of like a reunion with some of the people. Whenever you get here, you just sit and talk for hours with them.”

With this year’s event in the books, Miller reminds everyone to mark their calendar for next year’s exhibit.

“I’d like everybody to remember that if you have turkey on Thursday, there’s a train show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” he said. “So, next year just mark your calendar. Turkey on Thursday. Trains on Friday.”