CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WOWK) — West Virginia Senate Minority Leader Stephen Baldwin, on behalf of the minority caucus, says they are, “happy,” with the proposal.

The statement is in relation to Gov. Jim Justice’s announcement he is proposing a 10% income tax reduction that he says will put $254 million, “back into the hands of the people of West Virginia.”

The press release says they are happy about the proposal and that they, “are happy the Governor agrees with us that West Virginians need relief from growing inflation.”

It says that they have been pushing for relief since March.

They say the proposal deserves further discussion and research. The statement goes on to list a few questions that will need to be answered.

This includes, “Can we do this responsibly? Will it provide equitable tax relief or disproportionately benefit the rich? Can we afford it if the machinery, inventory, equipment, & personal property tax amendments are passed by the voters in November?”

They say without a six-year outlook, there is, “great concern,” about whether there will be enough funding for police, schools and first responders.