(WFXR) — According to the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority (ABC), the Commonwealth is the fifth largest wine producing state across the country with seven grape-growing regions and over 200 wineries.

Depending on what types of wine you are looking for, Virginia has a wide variety of red and white wines.

Below is a break down of the different red and white wines.

Virginia Red Wines

MerlotAromas of mocha, red berries and nutmeg with flavors of cherry and vanilla. Pairs well with pastas in red sauce, poultry or lightly spiced darker meats
NortonFirst cultivated in Richmond in the 1820s. Pairs well with red meat, especially smoked meats, or with wild game, rockfish or hearty cheeses.
Cabernet francParis well with spiced beef stews and meat dishes or with goat cheese, aged gouda and gorgonzola
Cabernet sauvignonDry wine that pairs well with meats such as steak and foods with umami flavors
ChambourcinHerbal aromas and crisp acidity. Pairs well with a variety of foods such as hamburgers, veal and fish
MalbecFlavors of black cherry, pomegranate, cocoa, molasses, violets and plum. Pairs well with lean red meats and earthly flavors such as beef brisket, blue cheese and cumin
Petit verdotCharacterized with spicy notes of leather, coconut, smoke and dark chocolate. Pairs well with steak, rich sauces, barbecue and strong cheeses

Virginia White Wines

AlbariñoIt is best served young. Pairs well with fresh fish and seafood of all kinds as well as light meats and goat cheese
ChardonnayHighlights fruity flavors. It pairs well with a variety of foods including poultry and cheese
MoscatoIt has a slight sparkling quality. Pairs well with cheese, nuts and biscotti
NiagaraCharacterized with a musky, fruity aroma and taste. It is perfect in the summer heat
Pinot grigioShowcase flavors of lime and apple. Pairs well with fresh vegetables and fish
RieslingIt pairs well with pork, roast turkey and sweeter vegetables
Sauvignon blancIt can have a smoky aroma of flint. Pairs well with seafood or poultry
TraminetteFlavors of lychee, apricot and honey. Pairs well with rich foods such as roasted meats and mushrooms
Vidal blancFlavors of honeysuckle and pear, candied fruit and citrus. Pairs well with seafood, poultry or sweet fruit
ViognierAromas of stone fruit with tropical notes that suggest a sweet wine. Pairs well with lobster, veal, cheeses and pork