(WFXR) — There are a few new laws that will go into effect soon, affecting the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority’s (ABC) licensees, as well as those applying for ABC licenses.

Beginning on Friday, July 1, the Virginia ABC says the Commonwealth will be enacting the following new laws:

  • Third-party delivery license/cocktails to-go (HB 426 and SB 254): Third-party delivery systems must obtain a third-party license to deliver alcoholic beverages purchased from retail licensees. These bills — enacted to address issues like age verification and food requirements — will require delivery personnel to pass a safety course on alcohol delivery safety and annually certify compliance. These bills will extend until July 1, 2024 .
  • Alcohol licenses for casinos (HB 455 and SB 519): These bills say casinos must obtain a mixed beverage casino license. This targets on-premises alcoholic consumption, but allows casinos to sell alcoholic beverages in areas designated by ABC during all hours of operation. This license also allows casinos to gift patrons or create a reward program with alcoholic beverages under certain conditions.
  • Funding for Virginia distilleries to market their products (HB 20 and SB 196): The Virginia Spirits Promotion Fund will receive 20% of the 20% tax levied on the sale of Virginia-distilled spirits. These bills would provide funding for Virginia distilleries to market their products by taking from the General Fund and giving to the Virginia Spirits Promotion Fund .
  • Bringing alcohol from out of state (SB 325): The amount of alcoholic beverages that a person can bring into Virginia has increased from one gallon to three gallons.
  • Removal of the sunset clause for the sale of grain alcohol (SB 527): This law enables the sale of neutral grain spirits — alcohol up to a proof limit of 151 — in ABC stores without the sunset clause coming into effect

These laws were signed into law by Gov. Glenn Youngkin after being approved by the General Assembly during the 2022 session.